DVDs organized neatly

February 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

2013-02-03 15.15.29I recently organized my DVD collection, and it felt awesome.

I enjoy collecting all kinds of things: movies, music, books, lipstick, photographs, buttons, you name it. Part of the fun of collecting these things is seeing them organized. If you don’t believe me, check out Things Organized Neatly. You can make just about anything look aesthetically pleasing if you organize it the right way. And I’d like to help you make your DVDs look good.

Your current collection of movies is probably a mess. Let’s fix that. Pull all of your DVDs off their shelf (or wherever you keep them), and lay them out on the floor. Now the floor is a mess, I know. But sometimes things need to get worse before they can get better. Let’s move on.

After you cover half your living room in DVDs, start making piles. All the A’s in a pile, all the B’s in a pile, all the . . . never mind, you get the point. Then arrange each pile alphabetically. The N’s in my collection, for instance, ended up being Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist followed by The Nightmare Before Christmas.

At this point I would like to address the categorization of sub-collections of movies. For example: the James Bond movies sitting on my floor in their own pile. If you have a sub-collection like this, find a letter that they would all fit under (Bond DVDs in the B pile) and a way to organize them within that section (chronologically). Thus, all of the Bond movies went between Blazing Saddles and Borat.

That’s it. The hard (or at least marginally thought-provoking) part is over. Now you just need to put all the piles back on the shelf in order. Not only will you have an organized collection of DVDs, but you will also have a much easier time finding the ones you want to watch.

There’s no rule that says you need to arrange your movies alphabetically. Actually, there are no rules at all about organizing your movies. I’m making this stuff up. So you can set them up however you want. By director. Chronologically. By level of sentimental value. Whatever you want.

Some of you are probably thinking that I should get a hobby or something. To you all I say that collecting is a hobby. You love movies too (or else you wouldn’t be reading this) and probably have your own collection, so I challenge you to organize it. See if you don’t feel great when you’re done.

Then come back here and tell me how right I was. Or don’t. I guess that part is optional.


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