Silver screen vs. TV screen

July 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

While some prefer to watch movies at home, others prefer the magic of a theater. Regal Gainesville Cinema Stadium 14 is just one of the theaters that Gainesville, Fla., has to offer.

Over the years, it has become increasingly easier to watch movies at home instead of at the cinema. From buying and renting DVDs to streaming movies directly from internet sites like Netflix and Hulu, movies are more accessible than ever. Does your computer or television screen give you the same experience as tiered seats and a bag of popcorn, though?

There are a lot of people who will say that watching a movie at home is no different than watching it in a theater, so why should they spend the money to do so? Don’t get me wrong, I love Netflix (maybe a little too much, even). I think it provides a great way to watch older movies, or movies that I didn’t get a chance to see in a theater. However, for me, there’s no substitute for film running through a projector.

I’ve watched many movies both in a theater and on Netflix, and there’s no comparison. Watching a movie in a digital format is a completely different experience than watching it on film. The grainy quality of film projected onto a big screen is part of the magic, as is feeling the soundtrack or the score shake your seat during big moments.

The audience is another thing you miss out on when you watch a movie at home. When you watch with a whole theater full of other people, however, it becomes a shared experience. Jokes are funnier, tears are sadder, kisses are more heartwarming and monsters are scarier.

The proliferation of digital media is not just limited to how audiences watch movies. It extends to how filmmakers create movies as well. Many directors are now shooting with a combination of film and digital cameras. Some are even shooting solely on digital cameras. There are benefits to both, and most audiences can’t tell the difference. I enjoy movies shot on both mediums, but regardless of how they’re filmed, I prefer to watch them on the big screen.

Technology is a wonderful thing, and I love that it has made it easier than ever to watch an endless amount of movies at home. Even so, I try to see as many movies as I can in a theater. There’s something about that moment when the lights dim and all you hear is the sound of the projector clicking away. You just can’t get that moment in your living room.


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