Objectification of men at it’s finest

July 2, 2012 § 2 Comments

Films targeted at women are almost exclusively classified as chick flicks. These films are romantic, sappy, lovey-dovey and any number of other gooey adjectives. The Full Monty was one of the first films aimed at women that stepped outside of that box, and now we have another. Now we have Magic Mike.

No one is going to see Magic Mike for the plot (which was actually surprisingly well-developed). We’re seeing it for the strippers. Normally when I watch films I take everything in, from the acting to the directing to the soundtrack and more. Friday morning at midnight, however, I threw all of that out the window and became just one of many sighing, giggling women in a thankfully dark theater.

Magic Mike gives women a release and adrenaline rush that we don’t get from most films. Don’t get me wrong, I love explosions and murders just as much as the next person, but strippers are on a whole different level. Finally, a film has been made that women can enjoy on the basest of levels. While it’s an awesome film for us, it’s not so great for boyfriends or husbands. They should expect to feel a bit inferior for a while . . . unless they look like Matthew McConaughey.

That being said, a pretty decent storyline compliments the film’s mostly nude scenes. Rotten Tomatoes even gives the movie a certified fresh rating of 79%. We get to see an aging stripper train a young kid in the ways of partying and picking up women, all while making a few easy bucks. It’s a coming of age tale with a little bit of actual romance thrown in, and it’s all wrapped up in a pair of breakaway pants.

In this day and age, a lot of movies that come out are remakes or adaptations. While I love a lot of those films, they’re not new, and that makes them slightly less enjoyable than when I don’t know the story. Magic Mike, however, is something that no one’s seen before. It’s not groundbreaking in the way that a film like Inception was, but it’s different, and that makes it fantastic.

Traditional gender roles are changing and evolving. Men no longer have a monopoly on objectifying another human being solely in terms of sex. Women are no longer afraid to admit how much we love staring at naked men. Magic Mike is shamelessly and unapologetically made for the animalistic tendencies in women everywhere, and we love it.


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